What to Expect

On Your First Visit

Patients visiting Reignite Chiropractic for the first time are often curious as to what the process looks like and what to expect on their first chiropractic visit. Learn what to expect, and read a step-by-step process regarding what you will experience on your first visit to Reignite Chiropractic.
New patients complete application forms at Reignite Chiropractic, Hoover AL chiropractors


Complete New Patient Forms

Prior to your first chiropractic appointment, we encourage you to complete our new patient forms. These forms are downloadable on our website or can be completed in our office. The information you provide on these forms offer insight into your medical and health history. This allows Drs. Jacob and Claire to create a customized plan appropriate for you.

Office tour on your first visit to Reignite Chiropractic


Getting to Know Our Space

When you step into our clinic for the first time, we aim to put your mind at ease as quickly as possible. One of our trusted team members will provide a full tour of the office. At this time, we will also provide information regarding the process of chiropractic care, the history behind it, and the techniques we use and why.

On your tour, you will view the diagnostic imaging area, the adjustment rooms, evaluation rooms and more! We further encourage you to ask any question you may have about Drs. Jacob and Claire, our facility, or our techniques.

Initial consultation at Reignite Chiropractic in Hoover, AL


Initial Consultation

After your tour, you’ll discuss your needs with a member of the Reignite team. This consultation includes discussions regarding your goals, concerns, and your symptoms or pain. We will also discuss your new member paperwork and health history.

Digital imaging at Reignite Chiropractic


Initial Exam and Digital Imaging

Once your initial consultation is complete, you’ll undergo a physical exam where your spine, nervous system, and muscles are observed and analyzed. We use advanced technology to provide a detailed overview of how well your nervous system is functioning. Some individuals may require further diagnostic imaging. If this is the case for you, our diagnostic imaging services will provide a detailed look at your skeletal system, helping the Doctors to identify any red flags or structural abnormalities.

Creating an individual care plan at Reignite Chiropractic


Creating an Individual Chiropractic Care Plan

Once your initial appointment is complete, we’ll help you schedule a follow-up visit. At this next session, Drs. Jacob and Claire will review your initial assessment and provide a customized plan of action specific to you and your needs. This plan aims to improve your overall health and wellness via the most up-to-date chiropractic techniques and methods.

At Reignite Chiropractic, we help guide you toward better health and wellness. Our passionate and driven team strives to improve the health of the entire Hoover community!

We look forward to meeting you and helping you pave your way toward better health. Contact Reignite Chiropractic to schedule your appointment today!

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